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No Preservitatives, Baked the Old Fashioned Way…. Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Kosher Pareve.

Complete List of Breads:

Most loaves of bread are available daily, it's best to preorder in advance to avoid disappointment.


White Bread*

Whole Wheat Bread*

Multi-Grain Bread*

Sourdough Rye Bread*

Black Russian Pumpernickel Rye Bread*

Marble Rye Bread*

Caraway Rye Bread*

San Francisco Sourdough Bread*

Hot Dog Buns*

Burger Buns*

Dinner Buns*


White Bagel*

Whole Wheat Bagel*

Black Russian Pumpernickle Bagel*

Pumpernickle Bagel*

Multi-Grain Bagel*

All Dressed Bagels*

Sesame Bagels*

Challah Bread, Thursdays, and Fridays Only

Challah Buns, Thursdays and Fridays Only

Persian Breads*, Fridays Only, Topped with either Zaatar, Garlic, Onion, All-dressed, or rolled up with hot peppers and olives or rolled up with olives

French Miche*, Fridays Only. Made with whole wheat and rye flour. Fat-free and sugar-free.

Portuguese Buns*, Fridays Only

Onion Buns*, Fridays Only


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