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Uncompromised quality served up with the friendliest service, we welcome you to our bakery.


Family owned and operated since 2002, Bliss Baked Goods specializes in being dairy-free, nut-free and kosher pareve.

We take you back to simpler times with our tried and true, traditional approach to baking. We do not use any preservatives and we use homemade natural sours and enzymes to produce delicious baked goods.  


We are known worldwide as a reliable source of kosher foods, holding to the highest standards of kosher. All of our baked goods and cooked foods are under rabbinical supervision and certified Kosher and Pareve. We cater to a variety of diet restrictions without compromising on taste and flavour.

You can depend on us to be sure our products are allergy-friendly. Whether your allergies include dairy, nuts or eggs, we care about your food safety. Our success is our faith and we believe that every customer that comes through our door is truly a gift from above.


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